5 Top Trends In Patio Design For 2015

Every year, it seems that homeowners are finding new ways to create that “wow factor” in their outdoor living spaces. Already, 2015 has seen a number of trends emerging in patio designs, from making the space feel like a ‘destination’ instead of ‘the backyard’ to increased emphasis on size and space. If you are thinking about building a new patio this year, you might find it useful to include some of the top trends, which is why we have outlined them in more detail below.

1.  The backyard becomes a ‘destination’
This year, it seems that more homeowners are foregoing a costly holiday in favour of sinking more money into turning their very own backyard into a getaway space. Your patio design could incorporate a number of luxury features, including: an outdoor kitchen (complete with refrigerator and pizza oven), a fireplace or fire pit, a pond (complete with water feature and oriental fish), and gauzy outdoor curtains.

2.  We are cost sensible and eco conscious

Many homeowners are also finding that environmental awareness doesn’t have to take a backseat to luxury. These days, our backyard patios are also emphasizing sustainability, such as the incorporation of environmentally friendly materials. A concrete structure, for example, can emulate the look of natural stone without the impact that mining has on the earth (it is also a much more affordable option).

3.  Furniture that is built to last and last

Whilst anybody can walk into their local home improvement store and pick up a patio setting, it is important to understand that the quality of the furniture is reflected by the price. This year, homeowners are opting for designer, luxury and even custom made furniture that will better withstand the elements and the test of time. The high initial costs will end up saving you in the long run in replacements and maintenance.

4.  Light a fire to create some ambience

This year, there has been a big increase in the number of homeowners incorporating fireplaces of some kind into their patios. Fire pits and chimeras are popular if you’re looking for a cheaper option or if you are interested in being able to take the piece with you when you move. There are a number of fuel sources available; wood burning is quite popular, but gas and even electric are slowly creeping up.

5.  Structure size and shape do matter

Think about all the patio design disasters that you’ve seen over the years – the sprawling slab that completely dominates a tiny backyard, the postage stamp sized structure that is lost in a sea of grass, and the fluid alfresco area next to the boxy house. These days, homeowners are putting a lot of thought into the size and shape of the structure to ensure it will complement their home, property and intended use.

Whatever your personal style, we are sure that at least one of the patio design trends discussed above will allow you to create the structure of your dreams. There are a number of benefits associated with following such trends and taking great care in your patio, from improving the value of your property to providing yourself with a truly unique entertaining space. If you need help with your design, ensure that you speak with a professional.