Choose Light & Space For A Patio, Pergola Or Pool Cover On The Mornington Peninsula

If you are interested in extending your living area outdoors you will probably find that a patio, pergola or pool cover is the best way to achieve this, especially if you live on the Mornington Peninsula where the weather is spectacular. Light & Space is committed to providing our customers with an affordable solution that is designed to meet their needs perfectly and we only use durable Danpalon Polycarbonate in our constructions for absolute protection.

Our patios are available with three very different roofing options – straight, gabled and curved – and we are also able to work with a combination of these options if you so wish. Our patios are custom designed to suit your home and are available in DIY kits or as a complete construction, so you can rest assured that the structure is able to protect your family. In the complete construction, we are even able to obtain building permits for you.

Patios in Mornington Peninsula

Our pool covers are the perfect way to provide your Mornington Peninsula home with a comfortable swimming environment. Our structures are suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools with the Polycarbonate sheeting used in the roof being 99.9% ultraviolet resistant; this will ensure that your family is protected from the dangers of skin cancer and sunburn. Our covers are also able to provide you with a clean, simple and stylish finish.

pool covers in Mornington Peninsula

Our pergolas are able to help you extend your living area outdoors whilst taking advantage of the stunning views that your home has been afforded. We have used these structures to create arbours, shaded walkways, passageways and outdoor sitting areas in the past, but they can ultimately be used to create any sort of space you desire. Our pergolas feature quality workmanship with a durable and weather resistant aluminium frame.

Light & Space are happy to answer any questions that you may have and to offer you expert advice regarding the best outdoor living solution for your Mornington Peninsula home. Whether you are interested in a pergola, patio or a pool cover we have the expertise and the skills needed to bring the structure to life in a way that matches your home and meets your budget. Please give us a call at a time that is convenient for you to discuss this further.