Light & Space Can Provide Your Camberwell Home With A Verandah, Pool Cover Or Patio

Have you been feeling as if your Camberwell home is lacking lately? Do you look around your backyard and think that something doesn’t look quite right, but you can’t put your finger on what it is? You could be in need of a verandah, pool cover or even a patio that will enable you to enjoy your outdoor space more; the team at Light & Space is more than happy to provide you with one of these structures in a design that matches your home perfectly.

Our verandahs could prove to be a truly stunning addition to your Camberwell backyard, or even the front yard if you are so inclined. Whether they are long and narrow or short and wide in appearance, this structure will provide you with the perfect place to get out of the elements whilst bringing the shopping in or trying to unlock the door after a few drinks. Our verandahs feature quality construction so that you can rest assured it will last.

verandh in Camberwell

Our pool covers, on the other hand, are the perfect way to protect your family from the hot Camberwell sun whilst they enjoy the swimming pool. We use sturdy Danpalon Polycarbonate sheeting in the roof of our covers, which allows plenty of natural light to filter through to the space beyond whilst blocking out the harmful UV rays. The powder-coated aluminium frame will also withstand coming into contact with the pool water.

pool covers in Camberwell

Our patios could be the perfect place to spend your weekends, either sipping a cup of tea with the paper or entertaining friends with a BBQ. Our patios are available in three different roofing options – curved, straight and gabled – so that you can get a perfect match for the existing roofline of your Camberwell home; we know that you don’t want the structure to look out of place and we aim to avoid this from occurring at all costs.

patios in camberwell

For more information about the different structures that Light & Space is able to design and construct, please give one of our helpful team members a call today to discuss your needs. Whether you need a pool cover, a patio or even a verandah for your Camberwell home, we are more than happy to offer you some advice as to how you should proceed. We also invite you to check out some of our projects by viewing the galleries on our website.