Need Pool Covers Or Verandahs In Kew? The Team At Light & Space Can Help

Living in Kew can often mean that is difficult to find the time to undertake a pool cover or verandah project, as you spend so much time driving to and from all of the places that you need to be. This is why the Light & Space team is committed to assisting you in the construction of an outdoor living solution that enables you to enjoy your landscape as much as possible. We are committed to providing your home with the best possible solution.

Verandahs have been a staple fixture of the Australian architectural landscape since the 1850s; at this time they were often constructed with timber and corrugated iron. We have distinctly modernized our verandahs through the use of aluminium and steel frames coupled with polycarbonate roofing. We also work with concealed fixings, ensuring a simplistic and clean appearance that is sure to match any Kew home.

Pool Covers in Kew

Pool covers are an ideal way of protecting your family as they splash around in your Kew swimming pool, whether it is indoors or outdoors. The polycarbonate roofs that we use are able to block our 99.9% of the ultraviolet rays sent out by the sun and they are highly effective in preventing leaves and other debris from entering your water. Our covers can reach spans of 9 metres, ensuring that they are able to effectively shield pools of all sizes.

Verandahs in Kew

At Light & Space, our team brings a combined total of 48 years experience to the table, ensuring that we are able to effortlessly design and build the structure of your dreams. We employ a team of experts in this field to ensure that all of your questions and concerns will be answered and that our Kew customers have the peace of mind that their solution really is the best one. Our team can walk you through every step of the process if needed.

Please contact the team at Light & Space if you require any more information about the Kew outdoor living solutions that we provide or to arrange a quote for an upcoming pool cover or verandah project. We are contactable by telephone (on 1300 867 970), by email ( and through the contact form on our website. No matter what your query is, we endeavour to find the best solution for you.