Why You Should Choose Light & Space For Patio, Pergola And Verandah Roofing In Hawthorn

Light & Space is a company that specializes in the provision of affordable outdoor living solutions that complement the style of your Hawthorn home with ease. Whether you are after patio, pergola or verandah roofing our team is more than happy to provide you with a structure that meets both your budgetary and space requirements. We are also happy to offer you DIY kits if you have the desire to undertake the project yourself.

Our amazing patios are available with three different roofing options – gabled, straight and curved. We are even able to work with a combination of options to provide you with a structure that is ideal for your needs. If you don’t have the time to build your new patio in your Hawthorn backyard, we are more than happy to tackle the project for you and will do everything necessary for it to be a success, including getting any permits.

patios in Hawthorn

Our pergola designs can be used for many purposes in your Hawthorn backyard, such as arbours, shaded walkways, passageways and outdoor sitting areas. Each of our structures is completely custom designed with your property in mind, so you can rest assured that it will be the perfect fit. We also design our pergolas to be simple and stylish with clean lines, ensuring that they will suit any sort of home décor and that they will never look out of place.

verandahs in Hawthorn

Our verandah roofing is constructed using powder-coated steel frames that are more than capable of withstanding the harsh Hawthorn environment and translucent Danpalon Polycarbonate sheeting that is able to block out much of the heat and UV rays. All of our verandahs feature quality workmanship so that our customers can rest assured it will last for many years (and many seasons) without issue or damage.

If you are interested in pergola, patio or verandah roofing for your Hawthorn home we encourage you to contact the team at Light & Space. Our helpful team is more than happy to discuss your needs with you, as well as to offer suggestions about the best outdoor living solution for your home. Whether you want us to handle all of the work for you or you are happy to undertake the project yourself we have the tools to help you out!