Commercial Roofing


An attractive roofind design is an excellent way to create a bright and well-lit space that your customers will love to spend time in - from shopping centres to al fresco dining areas, every business can benefit from our range of roofs.

Whilst any business can benefit from the addition of natural light to their space, blocking ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays is a must. Light & Space stocks two brands of commercial roofing in Melbourne that meet all of these requirements, and more.


dott.gallina arcoPlus

This modular system, comprising multiwall UV protected polycarbonate roofing sheets, is suitable for window and translucent roofing applications.

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Panels are available in a wide range of colours and transparencies, depending on your particular needs. We also have an exclusive new product Bi-Color with IR which features a clear outer layer that protects the coloured zone underneath.

IR Treatment

All sheets undergo an IR coating extrusion process during manufacture, which is designed to reduce heat from IR rays and increase visible light transmission. This innovative surface treatment helps to ensure comfort inside the building.


Mechanical Resistance

Polycarbonate has a particularly high resistance to impact from hail and other debris (such as falling branches), ensuring that it will withstand our harsh climate with ease and that it will meet safety standards for all environments.

UV Technology

All arcoPlus products are also coextruded with an innovative compound of UV absorbers, which help to block harmful UV rays. This coating is highly effective and long lasting, so it will never need to be reapplied.

Technical Features

Thermal insulation - from 0,5 to 3,3 W/m2K depending on the selected product
Acoustic insulation - from 16 to 22 dB depending on the selected product
Linear thermal expansion - 0.065 mm/m??C
Temperature range - -40??C +120??C
Ultraviolet ray protection (coextrusion)
Fire reaction EN 13501 - EuroClass B-s1,d0
Accidental shock resistance - arcoPlus 1000 & arcoPlus super 1000 have been tested

Alubel Tek28

This innovative roofing system combines metal sheet with a high density expanded polyurethane layer that adheres to the panel's corrugation.


Panels are available in two standard colours (white/grey and terracotta red), but also in a range of special colours (including gentian blue, chocolate brown, moss green, anthracyte grey and silver) to meet your particular needs.


The Tek28 system is comprised of three distinct layers: Alubel28 metal profile, high density expanded polyurethane, and polyurethane film or centesimal aluminium. This ensures that the product is very high performing.


Heat Ventilation

The polyurethane layer on the inner surface reduces the transmission of heat to the inside of the ventilation layer. This innovative design helps to ensure thermal comfort inside the building, preventing it from overheating.


If your application requires the roofing panels to be curved, this can be achieved in a variety of ways. These include: simple calendering, calendering with micro roller leveling, notching, and controlled straining.

Technical Features

Thermal insulation - 2.30 W/m2K
Acoustic insulation - up to 17 dB
High load bearing - eliminates the rish of dents
Condensation effect reduction
Galvanic couples elimination
Fire reaction AS 1530.3 - ignitability, heat evolved, flame spread & smoke developed are all 0